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Why Sunday?

Why do Christians gather specifically on Sunday?  Yet, even here I realize that some churches don’t meet on Sunday’s.  The Seventh Day Adventists keep the Jewish Sabbath day which is Saturday.  Some Catholic churches provide a Saturday night Mass.  Some Protestant churches pick whatever day is suitable for the congregation and/ or people they are trying to reach.  But with this said there is something quite significant about gathering with the saints on Sunday; there is something that is unparalleled by gathering on other days.  And it is this point that I plan on pursuing. (more…)


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As a Call to Worship I have used selections from the book of Revelation and Hebrews 12:22-24 which link the worshipping community to the heavenly worship.  I often say something to the extent of, “As we gather here today, we are joining with the vast hosts in heaven and the saints that have gone before us in the worship that is constantly happening around the throne of God.”  Is that what the church does when it gathers together on the Day of Resurrection (Sunday)?  In a special way, is Heaven that much more real due to the Spiritual bond between God and His people on these particular occasions?  It seems to me that the Bible give great evidence to the point. (more…)

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“Worship is nothing more nor less than love on its knees before the beloved; just as mission is love on its feet to serve the beloved” (9). – For All God’s Worth

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