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Here is a link to a great speech given on a Christian approach to war.  click here


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David writes:

“Yet you brought me out of the womb; 

you made me feel secure on my mother’s breast.

From birth I was cast on you;

from my mother’s womb you have been my God.” (Psalm 22:9-10, TNIV, emphasis mine)

Surely, David is here resting in the fact that God is faithful to the covenant He has made with His people.  That is, He has promised to be God of us and our children.  How else could David had made such a confession of faith in the LORD prior to his birth?  These words of David are great words of comfort for all those born and baptized into covenant with our God.  And they speak to those who want to keep children at the margins of the church until they make a profession of faith (as if that is any more of an assurance of true faith).  We are the LORD’s even in our mother’s womb, may the church recognize those the LORD already has.

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This week’s sermon was on the sacrament of baptism.  After preaching the sermon a thought occurred to me.  Some Christian circles are slow to acknowledge baptized children as Christians, visible members of the Body of Christ, and here I am not only talking about those who only baptize adults.  Biblically speaking, baptism is the initiation rite for the Christian, so the child who is baptized is initiated into the covenant people of God.  Yet, let’s look at other religions for a moment.  In the other major religions, when a child is born into a practicing family, they are thought to adopt the family’s religion.  A child born to Muslim parents is raised a Muslim; a Jew a Jew, and so on.  They are taught, “You are x, you are not y (others), so act like x.”  It would be absurd for the Muslim parent to “evangelize” the child and hope for the day the child really becomes a Muslim; they are a Muslim when born into the family, and to be anything else is abhorrent.  In my humble opinion, American Christians have something to learn from this.  Our children are not something other than a Christian, then become a Christian at profession.  They are baptized into Christ, thus Christian – unless they renounce their religion as an adult.  May we treat them as such.

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Here is a short, yet thought provoking post by a friend.

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It has been interesting to see how the language of “going green” is adopted and understood by everyone today.  In referring to everyone, I mean everyone – children to adults.  In fact, those who are in elementary school are probably more familiar with this language than many of our seniors.  First, a warning: This post is not going to be on a Christian approach to environmentalism.  Instead, I want to reflect on how it happened that “going green” is now a conviction by most.   (more…)

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Recently, I was asked what my favorite book of the Bible was by a certain young man. It was one of those questions I haven’t pondered in some time. In thinking about what to reply I had realized that unlike other times in my life when I would cherish certain promises or stories or laws or books, I answered, “The more I study the Bible the more that I find myself loving and living in the whole story.” Since that conversation I have pondered the question a little more. (more…)

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Free Videos

Third Millenium Ministries is offering some of their videos for free at their website. These videos are taught by my former seminary professors, yet are meant to be understandable for the common church attendee who wants to learn more about the God, His Word, and themselves. The topics range from the basics of theology to studying Paul’s Epistles to understanding how to make biblical decisions in life. Click here to see what’s available

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