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In light of this Advent season, as we are anticipating the second Advent of our Lord, it is important to note our role in His coming. As mentioned in the last post linking to 2 Peter 3, we are told that we can hasten the day of His coming. This is shocking to many Calvinists due to the fact that we have focused so heavily on the eternal counsel and decree of the Lord, that we have neglected to see the vast array of texts that seem to say we have a role in all of this. It is because of this undue weight on the predestinating character of God that Calvinists often get a little nervous with passages like when Abraham prays for Sodom and Gomorrah, or when Moses prays for Israel in Exodus 32, and the Lord seems to “change His mind,” or relent, from what was first proposed. (more…)


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Last Sunday, as noted in the post on the Antichrist, I discussed the destruction of the Temple in Matthew 24:1-34 and the 1st Century fulfillment of many passages in the New Testament.  Here is another short post saying close to the same thing, but in a slightly different manner: click here.

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     One of yesterday’s lectionary readings was from Luke 3:1-6 – this was also the text used for the sermon.  In reading this text and listening to a sermon on it, I thought it would be appropriate to make a few comments, especially Luke’s use of Isaiah 40:3-5.

     How should we read the New Testament’s (NT) use of Old Testament (OT) prophecy?  Is it merely a proof text to validate, or give authority, to their message?  Or is there more going on in what they are trying to convey?  Well, there are a few steps the reader must take in order to understand the authors use of the passage.


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