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This book by Simon Chan has been an excellent and thought provoking read.  I would encourage all those who are interested in liturgics to read through it.  I will be posting quotes and hopefully some thoughts along the way.  For an introduction to Chan click here.i


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…But I guess I was wrong.  Really, wasn’t that what we were told?  We need to do something NOW to make things better in our country.  All the urgency put into passing this “stimulus” package in the past month for what? Unprecedented governmental spending for what?  Psuedo-Socialism for what?  The Fed now saying that things are going to get more bleak.  So much for the promises from Washington.

Oh yeah, and we (and our children and our children’s children) are the one’s who are going to pay (the “we” referring to the common American outside of Washington).  Though, it is comforting to know that after April 1 I will be helping someone have health insurance every time I light up my pipe (dripping with sarcasm here).

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