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Here is a link to an article concerning the rising number of suicides in the Army, and this is only among those actively serving.  I often wonder how supposed pro-life Christians have so easily bought into turning a blind eye and even promoting the necessity of war, at least those America is fighting (we condemn others).  Oh yes, pro-life only means pro-babies, I forgot.


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Yes We Will….

…Be Disappointed!!!!   

Pastorally, the HOPE that is propagated around the inauguration of our 44th president is alarming.  Man alone cannot provide the hope that we hear all around us.  President Obama will not be able to live up to the expectations that we have placed upon him and he has placed upon himself.  And no human can or will ever be able to.  May God forgive us for putting our faith in man.   Thus, what follows when extreme “highs” are not met?  When the dreams are dashed?  Great despair.  God have mercy on us when misplacing our hope.

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