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News from the General Synod is that the RCA is growing.  In fact, 10,000 people have been added to the denomination.  Surely, this is in part due to the recent church planting and revitalization initiative.  


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In John 4, it is recorded that Jesus knows about the woman’s relationships, that she has had 5 husbands and the one she is living with currently is not her husband.  Yet, unlike the beloved, though highly questioned as to its authority or accuracy, story of John 8 where Jesus instructs the lady to “sin no more” there is no admonition for her to have this man “move out.”  Yet, because of her testimony many Samaritans believed.  This certainly raises some questions of how to approach relationships pastorally where a newly converted Christian is living with their partner.  I am curious of anyone’s opinions on this.  

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For those interesting in what I might be reading now, I have updated my Currently page.  

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