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Epiphany Season

1/6: Matt. 2:1-12 (Magi)
1/13: Matt. 3:13-17 (Baptism of Jesus)
1/20: Matt. 4:1-11 (Temptation of Jesus)
1/27: Matt. 4:12-17; 23-25 (Ministry of Jesus)
2/3: Off

Lent (Focused on the cost/sacrifice of following Jesus)
2/10: Matt. 4:18-22; 9:9-13; (The Call and Cost of Discipleship)
2/17: Matt. 5:13-20; 13-14; 24-29 (Principle of Discipleship)
2/24: Matt. 5:21-43; 7:1-6 (Murder/ Adultery/ Divorce/ Judging)
3/2: Matt. 6:1-18 – Piety (Pride & Humanism)
3/9: Matt. 6:19-34 (Trust and Contentment)
3/16: Matt. 21:1-11 (Triumphant Entry)
3/23: Matt. 27:62-28:15 (Easter: New Life & Discipleship)
3/30: Matt. 28:16-20


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As the reader may have noticed, I have gone into my longest blogging drought since starting this blog. The past month has included my in-laws visiting, making up hours at my chaplaincy, unforeseen pastoral issues along with the normal duties. Some of these things are good, others more draining.  Let us hope this short post is a sign of more to come.

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Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions.  A time to think on life and make goals of who we want to be in the future.  It is interesting to reflect on this concept of resolutions in light of the biblical paradigm of life.  And what I have found is that pursuing a life of resolution making – and breaking of course – is actually opposite of what we find in the Scriptures. (more…)

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