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We will be finishing up 1 John this week with a look at 1 John 5:13-21, with an specific focus on vs. 16-17.  Then I will start a series on establishing a Christian, or biblical, worldview.  The series with look something like this, but I am still working on the particular order and arrangement:

  • 9/9: God the Triune Creator
  • 9/16: Image Bearing
  • 9/23: The Mandate and Purpose of Creation
  •  9/30: Man and Woman
  • 10/7: The Fall and its Effects
  • 10/14: The Antithesis

Other topics still looming on this series that I am trying to prioritize and arrange: The Word, the Sabbath, Grace and the Garden, Living in the Presence of God, The Covenant of Works, the Law written upon our hearts. Of course, as I begin to work this out even more, I will begin to see where there is unnecessary overlap or where some topics can be combined.  Or some themes will find themselves in several different sermons.


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Calvin on the pride of man

“But herein appears the shameful ingratitude of men.  Though they have in their own persons a factory where innumerable operations of God are carried on, and a magazine stored with treasures of inestimable value – instead of bursting forth in his praise, as they are bound to do, they, on the contrary, are the more inflated and swelled with pride.” (Institutes 1.v.4)

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Sound Words

Paul instructs Timothy and Titus to teach sound doctrine, or sound words, to their congregations. Both of the congregations were in their own state of trouble and distress, yet Paul’s apostolic instruction to these young men was that they teach. He did not give them a specific ten step method of church revitalization and multiplication; he did not have them start specific programs that might meet the needs of the community. He instructed them to teach. (not that programs are bad or methodologies are worthless)

But in telling them to do this he is not telling them to teach a rigid truth with no application to one’s life; he is not instructing them to teach a science, where data gathering and analysis are key. Instead, Timothy and Titus are to teach the rich and wise words of the Scripture, which when attended to by the Holy Spirit melt hard hearts, open shut ears, and become healing words. Of course, only the truth can set one free, but it is truth shared in love and with a pastoral concern for the community. In a word, Wisdom. (more…)

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1 John 5:14-15: A Quote

“The fundamental characteristic of all truly Christian intercession is that the will of the person who offers prayer should coincide with God’s will.  Prayer is not a battle, but a response; its power consists in lifting our wills to God, not trying to bring his will down to us.” – Stephen Smalley, Commentary.

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Uploaded here is a worksheet I put together in October of 2005 as a help in understanding Covenant Theology, which is very integral to the Reformed understanding of the Scriptures.  As a reminder, this is a worksheet, so it is meant to be “worked” through, not just read.  Covenant Theology Worksheet

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This week I preached from 1 John 2:3-6, 3:21-24, 5:2-3, and the title of my sermon was “Blessed Assurance.”  The reason for the title is that if you take John at face value without having any background understanding, we would all be in question of our salvation.  In 2:3 John writes, “We know that we have come to know him if we obey his commands.”  But I don’t know many who are perfectly following all the commands of God. (more…)

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A seminary friend of mine submits her thoughts on submission.  Click Here

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