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This Sunday I did something out of the ordinary for myself, I tried to use a demonstration for an illustration. In my discussion on how God is light and cannot have fellowship with darkness I thought it would be helpful to show how oil and water cannot mix to illustrate the point. So, I had a young man come up to help me out, pouring the oil into the glass of water, then he told me what happened. Well, so far so good. Then in making the point I forgot to even say what I was illustrating. I started back discussing that God is light, then got going on another point and forgot to explain the illustration. This, of course, is the ultimate illustration mistake. Thankfully, the congregation is gracious, and the point I wanted to communicate was ultimately still comunicated. Praise God He works despite our blunders.


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A quote from John Calvin on 1 John 1:7

“He walks in darkness who is not ruled by the fear of God, and who does not, with pure conscience, devote himself wholly to God, and seek to promote his glory. Then, on the other hand, he who in sincerity of heart spends his life, yea, every part of it, in fear and service of God, and faithfully worships him, walks in the light, for he keeps the right way, though he may in many things offend and sigh under the burden of the flesh.”

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I have decided to preach through the book of 1 John against the majority opinion of those who commented. July 1 I looked at the first two verses of this short paper showing that our faith is built upon the intimate eyewitness of the Apostles and other followers of Jesus. Then I linked this with 5:6-12 emphasizing that the testimony of man cannot stand on its own, thus God the Holy Spirit testifies to God the Son, and God cannot lie. So, our faith and life and the Church are to be built upon this testimony and this testimony alone.

This past week I finished the first 4 verses discussing what eternal life really is. According to John, he uses “life” and “eternal life” interchangably meaning salvation or true humanity; the Christian life is not only a life yet to come, but it is a fullness of life even now. And fundamentally what does eternal life look like? Eternal life is true fellowship with God and with each other, right relationship with God and with man – with all of what that means.

So what is yet to come? Below is a list of the next several weeks (titles are subject to change):
July 15: “Who is God and why does it matter to me? pt. 1” (1:5-2:2)
July 22: “Who is God and why does it matter to me? pt. 2” (2:28-10)
July 29: “Who is God and why does it matter to me? pt. 3” (4:7-21)
August 5: “Living in and Overcoming the World” (2:12-17 & 5:1-5)
August 12: “On Antichrists and Spirits” (2:18-23 & 4:1-6)

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