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This summer at General Synod the RCA will vote to allow for “open space” in hopes to open communication across the denomination, especially on the topics of church planting and revitalization, according to our Call.   Of course, this “open space” is suppose to be done within the parameters of our Book of Church Order.  There is also a committee that has been working, and will continue to work, on analyzing and developing the structure, or government, of the church to allow it to be more faithful to the Call.   They are calling this the “Missional Structures Task Force.”

Now this may seem like a great thing, as I have read on discussion groups.  Isn’t it great that a denomination is excited about church planting and revitalization?  And not only excited but desiring to “restructure” the church around that “mission?”  So my next few blogs will be exactly on this topic, along with other points about the happenings of General Synod 2007.  There are some very good things about this; there are some things that make me a little hestitant; and there are some points that show the difference of perspective between the “Boomers and my generation.”


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I have survived the end of the semester crunch.  Though I still have exams and packing ahead of me, the worst is over.  Thankfully, I don’t get too worried about taking tests and exams, so exam season has always been more relaxed than the rest of the semester.  Also, I would like to extend a THANK YOU to all who did stumble across my blog and petitioned the Lord on my wife and I’s behalf.

Now let the blogging resume. 

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