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I would love to see the Reformed community teach and preach right doctrine on the Holy Spirit, instead of handing it over, as it seems to have happened, to those who seem to have the “spiritual niche market.”  There is much teaching and preaching on the Holy Spirit that is very edifying, but it seems that the loudest voice in our popular Christianity is not necessarily the biblical voice.  Of course, I realize this is my perception of the situation.



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These next two posts are posts I have recently put up on a web discussion group I am a memeber of on the topic of discussing the work of the Spirit in our churches and what that means.

I have heard this language used many times of the Holy Spirit in Reformed/ Presbyterian circles, especially by students at the conservative, Reformed seminary I attend.  Surely this is why some Presbyterian denominations have added a chapter on the Holy Spirit in the Westminster Standards.  Yet, is it because of unbiblical doctrine/ practice that our tradition doesn’t talk much about the Holy Spirit?  Or is it that we have tried to teach and live according to what the Scriptures say about the the Spirit? (more…)

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     I realize I said that the next entry on this psalm was going to be about the imagery of the psalm, but I have decided to postpone that entry until after we return from NJ.  Instead, I will take a closer look at the short, striking prayer of David in verses 9-10, where David prays:

“What profit is there in my death,

 if I go down to the Pit?

Will the dust praise you?

Will it tell of your faithfulness?

Hear, O LORD, and be gracious to me!

O LORD, be my helper!” (more…)

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    This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to preach and lead the service at Oviedo Presbyterian Churchwhere I am an intern pastor – of course Cari helped as well in leading the congregation through the prayer of confession, words of assurance, first Scripture lesson and confession of faith.  The text, Psalm 30, comes out of the lectionary for this coming Sunday, and it is the text I will use this Sunday while interviewing in New Jersey.  And because a preacher can never include everything that he has learned from his time in the study, I will include some of the information here.  (more…)

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A Hopeful Sign?

     The other week I had a conversation with a friend, and he was asking if there are many churches being planted in the RCA in the East.  And I proceded to explain that in general the more “liberal” areas or churches really don’t have a need to plant churches.  If there is “salvation outside of the Church,” as opposed to the traditional, historical doctrine of “there is no salvation outside of the Church,” than there is clearly no need to plant churches.  If one believes that any religion, as long as it is to the betterment of society and civilization, provides salvation, why would they plant churches?  Or, if the church is only one of many social clubs, why plant new churches?  Or, if this life is all we got, why plant churches? (more…)

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     It has been common for people of all different backgrounds to say that humanity has not been created to be brute individuals, but to live in community.  Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Bavinck said this concerning our relationship with one another and how it relates the image of God and our destiny:

“The image of God is much too rich for it to be fully realized in a single human being, however richly gifted that human being may be….  (more…)

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RCA Integrity

     Like other mainline denominations, the ministers, elders, and members of the Reformed Church in America have created a new covenantal, confessional, evangelical group called RCA Integrity as an attempt to join likeminded Christian together for the purpose of mutual encouragement and calling for accountability at the governmental levels of the General and Regional Synods, classes, and individual churches in the RCA.   For more information click the link above or in my RCA links section in the sidebar.

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